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Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Sprout beans

Sprouting is one of classic task in cooking bible. I love sprouting, sometimes i sprout the beans to see the crops popping out, i done in small bottles and place it in the kitchen.
My dad for the first time, helped me to sprout mustard seeds, we both had a great time, sprouting them, in a small bottle, when i was in my fifth standard, i have those memories evergreen. Whenever i sprout bean or any lentils, i first call my dad to say it came out so well.

Well, lets now gets into the topic of how to sprout any kind of bean or lentils[closed ones]
My all time favourite is sprouting whole moong dal. Sprouts are rich in proteins, they are the hot ones in the list of healthy foods. I would love to eat raw sprouted moong dal. The fragrance that you get when you remove them out of the cloth, is heavenly, so fresh :)

Steps goes here:

1. Soak any whole dal or bean over night

2. morning you will notice beans or dal turned soft as they are soaked in water

3. Now take a cheese cloth or any kitchen towel[thin one]/ old vehkti[tamil] cloth

4. Wet the cloth, drain the dal in the cloth, just swindle it medium tight.

5. Keep the bundle in a closed stainless steel container in one corner

6. Try to place the container a dark corner if possible

7. Definitely the container should be a closed one.

8. The cloth should not be over wet or dry, damp cloth.

9. The bundle should be kept like this for 2 continous day

10. Every time just sprinkle few drops of water on the cloth,close it and keep it in the same place

11. Try not to disturb the container, and importantly don;t open the bundle

12. After 2 days you will beautiful lovely sprouts popping out.

13. Prepare any recipe with any sprouted bean now!!!


Eketha said...

Sprouts .. great nutrient diet, will try sprouting moong dal.

Daily Meals said...

Bean sprouts look very fresh...thank you for this informative post..

Madhumathi said...

I like eating sprouts raw..Nice post:)

Gayathri said...

>> Thanks eketha,dailymeals,madhumathi

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