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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Onion - But No Tears

While choosing an onion, watch these

  • Check if they are tight

  • They should have a dry skin, which is peeling out

  • They should not have black spots on the root
Avoid tears

  • Before chopping the onion, for the day’s cooking you can store them in fridge for around ½ - 1 hr . This will you chop them without tears.


  • You can burn a candle, near the place where you going to chop the onion, the heat produced by the candle will submerse the flavor that comes out.


  • You can probably wear spectacles which will act as a shield to your eyes

    But the First way is best way to avoid tears, Try it you will feel the difference

Yellow onions
They are good for day to day dishes.
They have very good flavor

Sweet Onions
They are also called as Vidalia onions
They are mainly used in soups.

Red onions
They are crisp and lighter in taste
They are more promptly used in salads

Spring onions

These onions are best for chinese items like Fried rice and noodles

Pearl Onions

These onions are best in taste and flavor. They are more commonly used in south indian cooking.

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