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Monday, January 12, 2009

Thai Pongal Recipes and Celebration details

Happy Pongal - To one and all

Four days of Festive fun – Pongal – One of most important south Indian festival

  • Boogi Pongal

  • Thai Pongal – Main day of the Festival

  • Mattu Pongal

  • Kannum Pongal

Boongi Pongal is celebrated on 13th Jan this year – 2009

This festival is celebrated to honor – Lord Indra – For providing rain for the harvesting of crops
This day people rise early in the morning, Take oil bath, Create a huge fire outside their home and burn all the waste materials and clothes at home. They burst crackers
Just to signify that all the old and evil deeds for the past year are burnt and washed away by the holy fire and this year will start with new deeds.

Thai Pongal

Day of Thai Pongal is celebrated on 14th Jan this year – 2009

Nalla Neeram for performing pooja – Morning – 9:30 – 10:30

Pongal is celebrated to honor the SUN God for providing us all the required light and nutrients for the growth of crops
We prepare lot of dishes as offering to the SUN god. The dishes prepared is offered in a huge banana leaf.

We offer Sugarcane, new clothes, coconut, betel leaves.

I have listed them below:

Mattu Pongal:

This is the festival to honor the cattle's hard work for plowing the fields.
Today the farmers used to Clean the cattle, dress them up with flowers, bells and garlands
Paint their horns, offer them with lot of food material.

Kannum Pongal :

This day people visit their friends and relatives, dine and feast with their beloved
Share the good events and harvest happened that whole year. Enjoy the last day of the festival with heavy feast and visit some favorite spots. Kind of relaxation to the farmers by meeting their beloved ones.

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Good explanation on the events. Crisp and brief

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