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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cook and Feel

What is Cooking:

It is an art of presenting the nutritions provided by the nature in a consumable form.
Consumable form can be solid, liquid or semi solid form.

Cooking, once you say the word you get any things popping in your brain.

Example: your kitchen, your gas stove, any vegetables etc. The list can go on.

I am writing this article to just get awareness about cooking and in the mean time I will also learn by reading and collecting information on that.

More about cooking:
  • Cooking is the act of preparing food for consuming by the application of heat or cold. It encompasses a vast range of procedures, tools and Mixing of ingredients to alter the flavor or digestibility of food.

  • It is the process of selecting, measuring and combining of ingredients in an ordered procedure in an effort to achieve the desired result. Factors affecting the final outcome include the variability of ingredients, ambient conditions, tools, and the skill of the individual doing the actual cooking.

Our ancient times includes cooking by different techniques, different tools/vessels, obviously they were difficult to handle but the taste that we could acquire after the hardwork is awesome and simply unbeatable

We can start understanding what is a healty food plan in a routine life in the next brief article.

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