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Monday, November 17, 2008

Suraikai Halwa/Locki Halwa/Squash Halwa


  • Suraikai/Squash - 1[Medium size]

  • Milk - 1 glass

  • Sugar - to taste

  • Cardamom - crushed

  • Ghee - 4 tsp

  • Cashews,Badam,Dry grapes - Mixed 3 tsp

Preparation Method:
  • Wash and remove the Outer cover from suraikai/squash

  • Grate it into thin slices, Do it with a carrot grater.

  • Remove the water from the slices by slightly squeezing it.

  • Heat the 2 tsp of ghee in the Kadai.

  • Add the squeezed and sliced Suraikai/Squash to that.

  • Keep stirring it till all the water evaporates from it.

  • Now add the glass of milk and allow it to boil for some time.

  • Add sugar to the mixture once the milk nicely mixes well.

  • Add ghee as and when required.

  • Just keep a watch on it, cause it may burn if u keep it in high flame.

  • Once everything mixed well and lump comes out.

  • Heat a Ghee in a separate kadai, Nuts and dry grapes and add it to the mixture.

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